2nd Printing of the 2016 Ultimate Weekly Planner

Why a Second Printing

We’re very blessed and happy to announce a second printing of the Ultimate Weekly Planner because of the success of the past few months. Thanks to all support and feedback from customers we’re able to implement some of that feedback in this 2nd printing of the 2016 planner instead of waiting for the 2017 planner.

2 Updates to the 2016 UWP

  1. Heavier paper to help with bleeding of ink
  2. Switching direction of binding to eliminate back pages falling out. There were several complaints about the back pages falling out of the binding. To resolve this issue we’ve instructed the printer to flip the direction of the binding. It’s difficult to explain but trust me, this will make a big difference.

When Will It be Released?

V2 of the Ultimate Weekly Planner will be available around the 16th of December. Check back in a few weeks for an exact date or follow us on Facebook or Twitter for updates on the release of the planner.

Thanks again for all the support and feedback from family, friends and fans of the Ultimate Weekly Planner.

2 thoughts on “2nd Printing of the 2016 Ultimate Weekly Planner”

  1. When will the 2017 calendars be available? I’d love to purchase one as soon as I’m able to! I love this planner. I got my first one this year and it literally has everything I had been searching for in a planner.

    1. Hi Ashley, the 2017 planner will be available for order late this summer, probably end of August. Thanks for your interest, I see you are signed up to receive email updates on the 2017 planner and we’ll be sending updates over the next few months and a early bird discount. You can also follow the Ultimate Weekly Planner Facebook Page to get updates via social media. Thanks again for your kind words and we’re excited to know that the planner is meeting your personal organizer needs. Have a blessed day!

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