Behind the Scenes Changes That You’ll Start to See

Carmen Joins Ultimate Weekly Planner

We’re excited to announce a few updates. The efforts has mainly been a two headed monster of (1) Lucretia designing the planner and (2) Reuben developing and managing the website. There has also been lots of help and input from Velinda of Laurel St Designs designed the planner cover and Debra of Main Street Roasters helped with promoting the planner as well as offering helpful marketing tips.

A few weeks ago Carmen joined the team. Carmen will be in charge of marketing and social media. Also, Carmen is Reuben’s wife and Reuben is Lucretia’s son.

A few things we want to get done by May 1st

  1. Introduce a New Logo
  2. Update all messaging to make it more clear how the Ultimate Weekly Planner can improve the productivity and ease stress in our customers.
  3. Update Website with Customer Experience in Mind
  4. Add New Products

Our customers can expect to receive quicker response when they ask a question and faster delivery of orders.

Our customers’ opinion is very important. We always are eager to hear how our products are improving your life and for ideas on making the products even better. If you enjoy using the 2019 planner and want to say “thank you” please leave a review. Leaving a review is the kindest thing you could do, seriously 😉. Here are links to leave a review on our website or Leave a Review on Amazon, depending where you completed a purchase.

We’ve already started on our goals and slowly you’ll see the changes and updates taking place.

2 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes Changes That You’ll Start to See”

  1. I have never seen such a great product out there like yours. I love the new 2019 planners and I will never stop buying the new one. Keep it up.

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