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Something New — Academic Planner

Academic Planner Front Cover

Last year I learned that my nephew and niece were using the Ultimate Weekly Planner as an academic planner. They asked me if I’d be willing to remake the UWP for college students. So instead of a space for a menu there is space for listing subject assignments. Instead of starting in October the academic planner starts on August 1st. We really love the Academic Planner and think you will too. Here’s a little encouragement to give it a try.

Free Shipping + $5 Discount on the Academic Planner

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Virtual Flip Through of the Academic Planner

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Error on 2017 Planner, New Planners Will Ship November 9th

Update Nov 15:

We will have new planners in a few days and will be shipping out immediately. You should expect to receive by the weekend or Tuesday (22nd) depending on location.

Notice: There was an error in the printing of the 2017 Planner.
We will be shipping new planners to everyone who placed an order or won a free planner. Replacement planners will be shipped November 9th with expected delivery date no later than November 16th for all customers.
We are sorry for the inconvenience to each of you and are working as quickly as possible to get this issue resolved.

2017 November Page Error

What Was Wrong?

There were several errors but the primary mistake was the 2-page layout of November 2017–was the November 2016. Some of the minor issues that have also been fixed are the incorrect spelling of mileage and a duplicate page August 21–27.

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Feedback Request for 2017 Planner – Mileage Tracker

Work & Charitable Mileage Tracking

Would you use a mileage tracker in the back of the planner? This was a suggestion from several users of the Ultimate Weekly Planner but before we implement in the 2017 planner we’re seeking feedback from other users. This question is posted on our Facebook page and if you leave a comment you’ll be entered to win a $25 Amazon Gift Card.

As always, your feedback is important as we strive to make the most useable and practical personal organizer.

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Second Printing Delivered – Inventory Restored

A few weeks ago I posted that we’ve been blessed with a higher than expected demand for the Ultimate Weekly Planner. Because of the valuable feedback from the first printing the second printing has some updates.

  1. Heavier Paper: Because of the heavier paper the planner is thicker than the original printing
  2. Better Binding: The back pages were falling out of the binding so we had the printer change that to make for a more reliable product.

Shipment on Way to Amazon

Our Amazon inventory has been out for a few days and this morning several boxes of planners were shipped you can expect that to be in the hands of Amazon and available for order by Sunday. Even though Amazon isn’t currently showing availability orders are being fulfilled on our website.

Your feedback is always important to us so please send us an email mail @ ultimateweeklyplanner . com or message us on Facebook.

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2nd Printing of the 2016 Ultimate Weekly Planner

Why a Second Printing

We’re very blessed and happy to announce a second printing of the Ultimate Weekly Planner because of the success of the past few months. Thanks to all support and feedback from customers we’re able to implement some of that feedback in this 2nd printing of the 2016 planner instead of waiting for the 2017 planner.

2 Updates to the 2016 UWP

  1. Heavier paper to help with bleeding of ink
  2. Switching direction of binding to eliminate back pages falling out. There were several complaints about the back pages falling out of the binding. To resolve this issue we’ve instructed the printer to flip the direction of the binding. It’s difficult to explain but trust me, this will make a big difference.

When Will It be Released?

V2 of the Ultimate Weekly Planner will be available around the 16th of December. Check back in a few weeks for an exact date or follow us on Facebook or Twitter for updates on the release of the planner.

Thanks again for all the support and feedback from family, friends and fans of the Ultimate Weekly Planner.