2020 Ultimate Weekly Planner (Watercolor)

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It’s a new year, which means it’s time for new priorities, new resolutions, new routines, and a new place to keep track of it all. Enter the 2020 Ultimate Weekly Planner in Watercolor, your new best friend for the year ahead. From layouts to inspirational words of wisdom, this planner is chock-full of versatile features and thoughtful details. Let’s dive in and check it out!

2020 Ultimate Weekly Planner: The Basics

The 2020 Ultimate Weekly Planner is a spiral-bound notebook with 212 pages in a convenient 6 x 8-inch size. The spiral binding allows the planner to lie flat easily for convenient note-taking, while the simple watercolor cover echoes the peace and clarity this organizational tool can help bring to your life. Every time you open it up, you’ll benefit from all the advantages of an organized life, from better time management to a freer mind. The 212 pages include both weekly and monthly pages, each of which has their own unique use. Get down into the nitty-gritty details in the weekly breakdown, while preserving a bird’s-eye view of your life on the monthly overview — it’s the best of both worlds! You’ll also appreciate that the dates are clearly labelled in both the week and monthly view, lowering the risk of any accidental mix-ups. Holidays, too, are already marked, so you can begin planning your family get-togethers and vacations now. The 2020 Ultimate Weekly planner also includes a place to list goals for each month, opposite a beautiful watercolor divider with an original bit of biblical inspiration. This feature encourages you to take some time to look ahead and identify your priorities for every month, keeping you on track throughout the year and allowing space for the things that matter most. Decide on your goals in advance, or leave room to react to life’s curveballs. Either way, you can leave it all on the page, so your head can stay clear and focused. Finally, you have blank, lined pages for notes and journaling, from jotting down telephone numbers to recording that bit of wisdom you don’t want to forget. Whatever you need for organization and peace of mind, it’s all here in the 2020 Ultimate Weekly Planner.

Choose Your Type: Classic vs. Modern

The 2020 Ultimate Weekly Planner comes in two layouts: Classic and Modern. While the monthly and note pages are the same between the two options, the weekly pages differ, offering two different full-spread layouts to better serve your own scheduling preferences. What both share are thoughtfully selected motivational words for every week, and the ability to help you align every day with your ultimate goals. The Classic layout has a weekly summary on the left-hand side, with space to record your priorities and tasks throughout the week, as well as brief notes for each day. This format works particularly well for those interested in having a broader view of the week ahead. On the right-hand side, you can go deeper into your schedule for each day, including Saturday and Sunday. In the Modern layout, the daily breakdown takes up the majority of the weekly spread, with plenty of room to record meetings, activities, and more for each day, including the weekend. You also have space at the bottom of the right-hand page for keeping track of things to do throughout the week, from household chores to calling a friend. This layout is perfect for anyone wanting to drill down into the daily details, while still preserving a bit of space for those broader priorities. Think you know which format is for you, or want to take a closer look before deciding? Check out the different pages and customize your own 2020 Ultimate Weekly Planner now!

Planner Details: Covers and Cost

In addition to the Classic and Modern layouts, the Ultimate 2020 Weekly Planner also has two different cover options. You can choose between a softcover version in either layout, or a hardcover version, available only in Modern. The softcover planner is currently on sale for $17.99, while the hardcover version is on sale for $37.99. Both versions have the space to document your days and goals through December of 2020, so you won’t need to worry about finding a new planner midyear. Get started now and watch your year fall into place, page by page!

Finalize Your Cart: Options, Add-Ons, and More

Love the organization, but not crazy about the watercolors? Check out the Ultimate 2020 Weekly Planner in Minimal, available only as a softcover with the Modern layout. Like the Watercolor version, our Minimal planner is also currently on sale for $17.99 and contains all the same features, with a simpler, more professional design on the cover and divider pages. No matter your taste, you can take advantage of our carefully crafted calendar pages, weekly summaries, goal setting, and note pages. If you’re someone who — like us! — enjoys saving tickets, business cards, or other mementos, our Self Adhesive Add-On Pockets are the perfect way to keep those tidbits conveniently in your planner. Each pack includes two durable pockets that can be readily attached inside the cover of any of our Ultimate Monthly 2020 Planners. Keep all your essential or sentimental items with your planner for easy access, anytime you need. Finally, don’t forget to add a pack of Month Planner Tabs to your cart for a last bit of organizational convenience. These easy-to-use tabs make finding the right place in your planner a snap, enabling you to flip back and forth between months with ease as you plan your schedule, set up appointments, and determine your goals. Ready to get your 2020 on track? Tired of feeling overwhelmed, or wish you had more time for the activities and people that matter most in your life? A peaceful mind begins with an organized schedule, which is why we created the perfect companion to your year. Order the 2020 Ultimate Weekly Planner in Watercolor now to take back control and live the life you want — one day at a time.

Ultimate Weekly Planner


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6 x 8 in

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100 lb

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December 2020

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December 2019


Classic, Modern

22 reviews for 2020 Ultimate Weekly Planner (Watercolor)

  1. Pam Miller (verified owner)

    This is planner is amazing. I bought several for gifts. Buy it you won’t regret!

  2. Candice Stoddard (verified owner)

    I’m disappointed that this year’s version of the UWP has changed formats. The unique layout with menu-planning and To-Do space on the left page and calendar days on the right has been replaced with the typical weekly format of half the week on the left and the rest on the right. I have been buying this planner for 4-5 years because the setup was perfect for me. I will be looking elsewhere for this year’s planner and hoping for a return of the original version next year. I have been contacted by Lucretia who said they may offer both styles for 2021. Yes, please!

  3. Rachelle Miller (verified owner)

    I love the new planner and that it is more customizable. I’m planning on splitting each day down the center…one side for to-do list, the other for a little journaling.
    This planner is perfect and makes me feel like I have my life together!

  4. Violet Miller (verified owner)

    I received my planner in just 5 short days after I ordered! I’m not a die hard planner person BUT I LOVE this planner! It’s where I go when I have something super important or too much to remember! It’s also super awesome for those of you that fall into the #superorganized category!!!!♥️ Thx for a fabulous product n great service!!!!

  5. Lucinda Allgyer

    I loved last year’s format with the menu, to do list, and week days, all on one spread. I’m rather frustrated at the format change and will have to look elsewhere. I hope the old format is available again next year!

  6. Violet Miller (verified owner)

    I LOVE the Ultimate Weekly Planner!!!! It helps me keep my head on straight!!!! It has just the right amount of space for recording my daily lists! I have also recorded random things such as “How to turn off the GMG SMOKER!” & “Things to do for the GRIEVING” It doesn’t tell my secrets!!!!

  7. Carrie Weekly (verified owner)

    This is my first time purchasing the UWP. I am a small business owner who has hourly clients. I am always on the search for the perfect “planner.”
    I came across this planner and decided to give it a try. Because I rely on reviews before i purchase items, i try to give a thorough review myself. Here goes: The planner seems to be made with quality. The thickness of the pages are outstanding. There is no bleeding of ink from front to back. The binding is secure and the covers are durable and I feel will sustain throughout the year. I was most impressed with the layout . Such subtle images and colors with strong scriptures to serve as a reminder or meditational food for thoughts.
    I appreciate the Weekly layout with nice room for each days agenda. Giving an extra box for notes after Sunday is a sweet and generous touch. Overall, I am satisfied with what I purchased. I do have a recommendation for future improvements… I would like to have had a “today” snap in ruler and some sort of ziplock or zipper pouch to hold checks and cash.

  8. ashley kyser (verified owner)

    I love this planner and have ordered it I believe three years now. Love the Bible verses. Love that it fits in my purse. Love that you can choose from the two layouts and two covers this year. The paper is much thicker stock this year. It’s beautiful, thank you.

  9. Sophia Blust (verified owner)

    If I had known it was Christianity based I would never have bought it. On top of that it is one of the most poorly laid out planners I have ever seen. I gave it to a friend and bought a different brand.

    • Lucretia Hochstetler

      Lucretia Hochstetler

      I’m so sorry you didn’t like it. We will refund you your money!
      Thanks, Lucretia

  10. Kendra Miller

    Love the planner. . .not sure how I would make it without.

  11. Nora Mast (verified owner)

    I love this planner. I love the new layout which gives you more room to write out recipes etc. This has helped me stay organized and remember appointments and things I want to get done each day. Keep up the great work.

  12. Vicki King (verified owner)

    I received my planner very fast! I really do like this planner…like the stiff cover….the place for goals ( I want to try hard to make goals for 2020)…a BIG thanks to all those minds and hands that put all the hard work into this great planner!!

  13. Cheryl Miller (verified owner)

    I love this planner! I have bought the happy planner and the last 2 years have been gifted one that is also very large. I loved how much space I had to write so I was skeptical to try a smaller planner. However, it arrived and I immediately noticed the Large daily spaces! They are actually larger then my large planners because they don’t have all the extra frills and doodles on the page! I also love that the days are lined…. This list loving lady is quite pleased !

  14. Kristi Tannahill (verified owner)

    Have been buying this planner since 2016 because of the “classic” layout. It is different (and better) than anything else I have ever found. The customer service is great and I love supporting a small business.

  15. ashley (verified owner)

    I’ve bought this planner 3-4 years now. I really appreciate it. Although beautiful, I find it harder to turn the pages due to the new cardstock-type paper….I think regular paper would be more practical. And just now I realized there is no rear-pocket! I’m so sad 🙁 That rear pocket was so great! Maybe next year it will be brought back? Thanks again.

    • Lucretia Hochstetler

      Lucretia Hochstetler

      Hi Ashley,
      The cover was thicker than last year and it made for a very bulky cover, so we eliminated the pocket but we do have stick on pockets to sell on our website. Thanks for the feedback!

  16. PT Kelley (verified owner)

    Using this planner as part of our journey as fulltime RVers! Lotsa space to record memories, places we go as well as daily stuff! Love the quality!

  17. Pamela Ruth (verified owner)

    I am enjoying my new planner but have only used it for two weeks so far. I have RA and personally wished it was a tad smaller for me to handle. After reading the reviews I also wish it had the previous menu planning pages as I now have a separate book for that. The paper quality is wonderful and love the verses. Thank you for producing such a great planner.

  18. Ivy (verified owner)

    Excellent quality planner and great customer service. Love the verses in it.

  19. Cheryl Collier (verified owner)

    Overall excellent quality. I choose this one specifically for the layout that I like. The scriptures are a nice bonus that I didn’t know about. Very nicely done! Yes also love the thick pages.

  20. Megan (verified owner)

    Wonderful quality! I am so happy with my purchase, the watercolor pictures are beautiful and I absolutely love the scripture on every page! The layout helps me keep planning days/weeks/months simple and organized! Reliable product from an awesome company!

  21. Suzanne Samoray (verified owner)

    It’s exactly what I wanted; simple, beautiful and inspiring! What I didn’t expect is the personal touch the Ultimate Weekly Planner gave. I received a pen to go with my planner as well as a thank you card.

  22. M T-P

    This is the only planner I could find with this format (the “classic” one), which is the exact format I wanted. Wish the minimalist cover was available.

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