2020 Ultimate Weekly Planner (Watercolor)

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We believe you have important things to get done and remember. We hope the 2020 Ultimate Weekly Planner can help bring clarity to your life.

For more pictures and information about the 2 different versions read our 2020 Ultimate Weekly Planner comparison page.

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Ultimate Weekly Planner


Softcover, Hardcover

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Paper Size:

6 x 8 in

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Paper Weight:

100 lb

Calendar End:

December 2020

Calendar Start:

December 2019


Classic, Modern

10 reviews for 2020 Ultimate Weekly Planner (Watercolor)

  1. Pam Miller (verified owner)

    This is planner is amazing. I bought several for gifts. Buy it you won’t regret!

  2. Candice Stoddard (verified owner)

    I’m disappointed that this year’s version of the UWP has changed formats. The unique layout with menu-planning and To-Do space on the left page and calendar days on the right has been replaced with the typical weekly format of half the week on the left and the rest on the right. I have been buying this planner for 4-5 years because the setup was perfect for me. I will be looking elsewhere for this year’s planner and hoping for a return of the original version next year. I have been contacted by Lucretia who said they may offer both styles for 2021. Yes, please!

  3. Rachelle Miller (verified owner)

    I love the new planner and that it is more customizable. I’m planning on splitting each day down the center…one side for to-do list, the other for a little journaling.
    This planner is perfect and makes me feel like I have my life together!

  4. Violet Miller (verified owner)

    I received my planner in just 5 short days after I ordered! I’m not a die hard planner person BUT I LOVE this planner! It’s where I go when I have something super important or too much to remember! It’s also super awesome for those of you that fall into the #superorganized category!!!!♥️ Thx for a fabulous product n great service!!!!

  5. Lucinda Allgyer

    I loved last year’s format with the menu, to do list, and week days, all on one spread. I’m rather frustrated at the format change and will have to look elsewhere. I hope the old format is available again next year!

  6. Violet Miller (verified owner)

    I LOVE the Ultimate Weekly Planner!!!! It helps me keep my head on straight!!!! It has just the right amount of space for recording my daily lists! I have also recorded random things such as “How to turn off the GMG SMOKER!” & “Things to do for the GRIEVING” It doesn’t tell my secrets!!!!

  7. Carrie Weekly (verified owner)

    This is my first time purchasing the UWP. I am a small business owner who has hourly clients. I am always on the search for the perfect “planner.”
    I came across this planner and decided to give it a try. Because I rely on reviews before i purchase items, i try to give a thorough review myself. Here goes: The planner seems to be made with quality. The thickness of the pages are outstanding. There is no bleeding of ink from front to back. The binding is secure and the covers are durable and I feel will sustain throughout the year. I was most impressed with the layout . Such subtle images and colors with strong scriptures to serve as a reminder or meditational food for thoughts.
    I appreciate the Weekly layout with nice room for each days agenda. Giving an extra box for notes after Sunday is a sweet and generous touch. Overall, I am satisfied with what I purchased. I do have a recommendation for future improvements… I would like to have had a “today” snap in ruler and some sort of ziplock or zipper pouch to hold checks and cash.

  8. ashley kyser (verified owner)

    I love this planner and have ordered it I believe three years now. Love the Bible verses. Love that it fits in my purse. Love that you can choose from the two layouts and two covers this year. The paper is much thicker stock this year. It’s beautiful, thank you.

  9. Sophia Blust (verified owner)

    If I had known it was Christianity based I would never have bought it. On top of that it is one of the most poorly laid out planners I have ever seen. I gave it to a friend and bought a different brand.

    • Lucretia Hochstetler

      Lucretia Hochstetler

      I’m so sorry you didn’t like it. We will refund you your money!
      Thanks, Lucretia

  10. Kendra Miller

    Love the planner. . .not sure how I would make it without.

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