Second Printing Delivered – Inventory Restored

A few weeks ago I posted that we’ve been blessed with a higher than expected demand for the Ultimate Weekly Planner. Because of the valuable feedback from the first printing the second printing has some updates.

  1. Heavier Paper: Because of the heavier paper the planner is thicker than the original printing
  2. Better Binding: The back pages were falling out of the binding so we had the printer change that to make for a more reliable product.

Shipment on Way to Amazon

Our Amazon inventory has been out for a few days and this morning several boxes of planners were shipped you can expect that to be in the hands of Amazon and available for order by Sunday. Even though Amazon isn’t currently showing availability orders are being fulfilled on our website.

Your feedback is always important to us so please send us an email mail @ ultimateweeklyplanner . com or message us on Facebook.

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